Physio Inq Terms
of Service

These terms of service are available to clients on the clinic website and should be understood by all staff, both administratively and therapeutically.

1. Pricing
All prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice. Prices are available by contacting your nearest Physio Inq clinic. Prices between Physio Inq clinics may vary. From time to time, there may be discounts that certain individuals are privy to, including, but not limited to Pensioners, Low Income Card Holders and Community Partners.

2. Goods and Services Tax (GST)
GST is applied to relevant services and products and will be included in the quoted fee for service of product. Most health care services are GST exempt, except in certain circumstances, whereby the service is not for the rehabilitation of an injury. Goods supplied with your rehabilitation may be GST exempt under certain conditions. Please speak to your clinic if you require any confirmation.

3. Consent
By attending your appointment at a Physio Inq clinic, or in home, you are providing implied consent to the assessment of your condition. Your therapist will seek further consent to commence treatment

4. Personal Information Handling
Physio Inq collects details for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to treatment diagnosis and treatment, marketing, personal communication and account management. By attending a Physio Inq clinic and providing these details, you give consent to Physio Inq to use them in a respectful manner, under the Australian privacy principles, Spam act and Privacy Act.

5. Privacy
Physio Inq adheres to the AMA guidelines on patient privacy and confidentiality. A link to the guidelines are available on our website.

6. Communication
From time to time, Physio Inq will use your details to be in contact with you for appointment reminders, update emails or letters, marketing emails, newsletters or general interest pieces. Each of our communication avenues gives you the ability to unsubscribe, alternatively, you can contact Physio Inq to be taken off the contact register. Whilst we adhere to the Spam Act, and we try as best as reasonably possible to comply with your requests. If you have any issues, please contact

7. Data Security
Physio Inq holds the data of its clients to the utmost level of security. We use third parties with exemplary records of data management and security to keep your records safe. If you would like to have any of your data removed, for any reason, please contact Physio Inq.

8. Accounts
Physio Inq does not hold personal accounts. All private accounts are payable at the time of consultation. Only in extreme situations may Physio Inq grant a private account, and it is at the discretion of the Franchisee or Manager of the clinic. Approved Third Party Payable accounts may be commenced under appropriate conditions. These include but are not limited to; approved Workers Compensation Claims, approved Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, approved and current NDIS plan, approved and appropriately referred DVA Gold card holders.

9. Payment
Payment is to be made at time of consultation. Physio Inq accepts various forms of payment, including cash, cheque, credit card and private insurance card from approved insurers. Amex may not be available at some Physio Inq clinics and may incur a charge. Physio Inq clinics reserve the right to charge a credit card fee.

10. Cancellation and Late Appointments
All appointments that are requiring moving or cancellation should be done so 24 hrs in advance. Physio Inq and its clinics reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of no more than the cost of the appointment. If you are running late for an appointment, depending on therapist availability, you may be only able to receive the outstanding time of your appointment for treatment.

For NDIS based appointments, the participant must give 48 hours notice if they cannot attend a scheduled appointment. If the participant fails to give 2 days notice the scheduled appointment will be billed from the supports on the participant’s NDIS plan.

11. Complaints
All clients have various avenues to make formal and informal complaints. Please contact, call 1300 731 733, or hand in a hand-written letter of complaint to your nearest Physio Inq clinic. All complaints will be handled promptly and you will be notified of the process and outcome.

12. Title to Goods
Goods purchased at Physio Inq clinics or online will only be transferred to the client once full payment has been made.

13. Availability of Products
Physio Inq is not a storage house of rehabilitation products, and cannot guarantee that all products are in stock. The usual time frame for delivery through our approved suppliers is 24-48hrs, however with certain products, it can take longer to source. Ordering of products may only be made with a deposit paid at time of ordering.

14. Return of Goods
Had a product be unwanted and is unused, the product may be returned to the Physio Inq clinic it was purchased from, within 7 days and as long as it is in its original packaging. Following the 7 days, it is at the discretion of the third-party supply as to whether or not the refund may occur. Clients will pay any associated shipping costs to return the product to the supplier.

15. Damaged or Defective Goods
If any goods are damaged or defective, and not through normal wear and tear, Physio Inq will make a judgement on the goods and replace them at no cost to the client.

16. Warranty on Goods
All manufacturers warranties will be upheld by Physio Inq. Warranties cover parts and materials covered in the manufacture of the goods, they do not apply from improper use or operator error. Maintenance should be carried out regularly to ensure warranties remain valid.

17. Guarantee
Physio Inq makes no guarantee of effect of treatment. All therapists are appropriately trained in their field and will make every attempt to assist in the rehabilitation of injury, in the treatment of pain, or in the coordination of health care. In the event that the outcome is not to plan, the client agrees that service has still been given, and no refund should apply.

18. Satisfaction Promise
Whilst there is no guarantee of outcome, Physio Inq clinics apply the satisfaction promise. We promise you will be satisfied by the level of care you are shown by the clinic and your therapist. If not, we will refund you your last treatment and make appropriate referrals to another business, or therapist internally. This is at the discretion of the clinic owner or manager, and shall only apply once per client.

19. NDIS
Under the NDIS, Physio Inq abides by a certain set of regulations and service agreement standards that are separate to these terms of service. NDIS service agreement standards can be found on our website HERE.