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Sell Your Existing Clinic

A Message from Jonathan Moody Founder of Physio Inq

Are you a Physiotherapy Clinic owner wanting to retire? Maybe you are simply wanting to transition out of business ownership, release some equity from your business to yourself and move onto the next phase of your life.

Our team at Physio Inq have a database of potential Clinic owners waiting and ready for an opportunity to get into the Physiotherapy and Health industry. Whether you want to get out of your business as soon as possible or would like a 6+ month transition period… we will work to match you with a future owner that matches your values and vision.

If you are tossing up the idea of removing yourself from your business, reach out to our Business Partnership Team. We will ensure that we work with you to make sure that your needs are taken care of, and that the business you have worked so hard to grow, will continue to flourish.

If you think that’s you, get in touch with our team via the Enquiry form above. We’d love to have a chat

What We Can Offer You

1000s of potential Business Owners

We connect you with a Database of potential owners.

3rd Party Business Valuation

Independent consultants will ensure fair prices.

Slow transitions out

5 weeks or 5 months. Transition out at your own pace.

We find the right cultural fit

We work to integrate the new owner into a culture that feels right.

Your business is in safe hands

Peace of mind that the business you worked so hard to grow is in safe hands.

Want to find out more?

Contact our Business Partnership team on (02) 9044 2511

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply, when a business owner approaches us to sell their existing practice, we work with them to understand their needs, their values and their timelines. Once this has been established, we contact potential business owners to put a deal together.

In short, our Business Succession Plans can take as little or as much time as you need them to take. Our goal is to match you (the seller) with a potential business owner that matches your vision, values and timeline.

It depends. Each Clinic and Business is different. We engage an independent agency to value your business and work with you (the seller) and the potential business owner to come to a mutually agreeable figure.

No, it does not cost any money to sell your business through Physio Inq. Our Business Succession plans simply match you (the seller) to a potential buyer within our database.

Express your interest by enquiring here or contact our Business Partnership team on (03) 9001 6612.