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Alicia Scarborough

Alicia Scarborough

St Clair, St Marys, Physio Inq Business Partner

Alicia graduated from Sydney University with a Masters in Physiotherapy in 2011 and started her private practice career with Greater West Physiotherapy (now known as Physio Inq).  She worked across the St Clair and Penrith clinics and it was during these years that Alicia really solidified her passion for physiotherapy, and treating musculoskeletal injuries.

After more than 7 years (and 2 children), business ownership was the next step for Alicia, professionally.  In 2019, she boldly purchased both the Physio Inq St Mary's and St Clair clinics, doing this to ensure a long and satisfying career.  Alicia gradually phased herself out of hands-on clinical work, and now spends her time mentoring the next generation of physiotherapists and exercise physiologists and rising to the challenges of running a business.

Alicia has a special interest in the lower back, pelvis and pregnancy-related issues, and loves treating the complexities that problems in these areas can lead to.  When it comes to the range of conditions Alicia has experienced and treated, "variety is the spice of life." 

Continuing to learn, and pass on that learning, is an integral part to both being an experienced therapist, and a business owner.  Alicia is constantly learning by attending courses and learning off her peers, and this means that all options are available when it comes to the right treatment for any patient attending her clinics. 

Physio Inq St Clair

21/155 Bennett Rd, St Clair

Physio Inq St Marys

52B King St, St Marys

Bill Kagaras

Bill Kagaras

McMahons Point, Physio Inq Business Partner

From a young age, Bill always had a passion for physiotherapy. Having played elite-level football (soccer), he was a ‘regular’ at his local physiotherapy clinic and came to appreciate the role physiotherapy had in both his sporting career, and general well-being.

Bill's tertiary level education accomplishments include a Degree in Pre-Medicine from Judson University in Chicago, USA, a Diploma of Massage Therapy and a Doctor of Physiotherapy from Macquarie University. 

For several years, prior to opening Physio Inq McMahons Point in 2020, Bill worked at Physio Inq Engadine.  He was mentored by highly experienced senior physiotherapists and was able to develop and refine his knowledge and technical skills. Bill was fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive team who gave him the opportunity to grow.   His time at Engadine enabled him to progress his career, and move to the next chapter of his life, as a business owner at Physio Inq McMahons Point.

Bill treats all different types of injuries, with his main areas of interest including lumber-pelvic pain, football/soccer injuries and headaches/migraine related conditions. He also works with people suffering from chronic cardiovascular conditions, assisting them with disease management and advice on exercising with chronic conditions.

As a local, Bill is excited to be able to bring a high standard of physiotherapy care to his local community. Outside of the clinic you will find Bill playing soccer, having a meal at the local cafes, and walking with his wife along the scenic coastal tracks of North Sydney Harbour.

Physio Inq McMahons Point

6/149 Blues Point Road, McMahons Point

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith

Camden, Harrington Park, Physio Inq Business Partner

From a very young age to the present, Cameron has had his fair share of injuries. Some would call him accident prone, and others would question why he continues to play soccer and run crazy distances. Maybe he is just stubborn, or maybe, through firsthand experience, he has learnt how resilient the human body can be.  Cameron believes that by combining personal determination with professional guidance, life is limitless, and he wants to be that professional, helping others get the most out of their body, and reaching their goals.

In 2016, Cameron graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science/ Masters of Physiotherapy from Western Sydney University.   His first job after graduating was a role at Physio Inq St Marys.  There he was fortunate enough to be mentored by some of Physio Inq's most highly experienced senior physiotherapists. The team at St Marys were very supportive of his drive to grow and progress his career and his role evolved to include new graduate mentoring and university student educator responsibilities.  In 2019, he was promoted to senior physiotherapist.

Cameron's drive led to his next professional chapter, becoming the owner of Physio Inq Harrington Park, in 2020.   There, with the assistance of his wonderful clinical and admin team, he delivers physiotherapy services to the Macarthur region. With a passion for education, he continues to mentor new graduates, helping them to find their niche market within the vast scope of physiotherapy practice, and a passion for treating recreational sport and running injuries, he looks forward to meeting you.  

Physio Inq Camden

75 Broughton St, Camden

Physio Inq Harrington Park

Shop 8B Ground Floor, 23 Fairwater Drive, Harrington Park

Cathy Tuckey

Cathy Tuckey

Manning, Spearwood, Physio Inq Business Partner

After qualifying as a physiotherapist in New Zealand in 2005, Cathy decided to seek fairer weather and moved to Brisbane to start her career.  In sunny QLD, Cathy worked in private physiotherapy clinics in Sumner Park and then Birkdale.

In 2015, Cathy relocated to Perth.  There she worked in private practice in Cannington, and after deciding to stay in WA permanently, she took ownership of Manning Physio, rebranding it to Physio Inq Manning, in June 2018.

Cathy has a Post-Graduate Certificate in Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling and has completed a Masters by Research degree at The University of Notre Dame, Fremantle. She treats all types of injuries and loves working with her patients to help them return from being acutely injured and in pain, back to sport, work or their favourite leisure activities. She has had many years' experience running both mat and studio Pilates classes, and believes that exercise should benefit both physical and mental health.

In 2021, Cathy become a mum, and later that same year she took ownership of her second clinic, Spearwood Physio, rebranding it to Physio Inq Spearwood.

Cathy's favourite leisure activities include spending time with her family and dogs (standard poodles named Brian and Max), gardening, and anything creative (think renovations, painting, cooking and nowadays Lego).  A fun fact about Cathy is that she has represented New Zealand, Queensland, and Western Australia, in the sport of long-distance rifle look out!

Cathy loves being part of the local communities of Manning and Spearwood and bringing her unique style of physiotherapy to the area.

Physio Inq Manning

14 Bradshaw Cres, Manning

Physio Inq Spearwood

323 Rockingham Road, Spearwood

Chris Slaviero

Chris Slaviero

Penrith, South Penrith, Physio Inq Business Partner

On first graduating as a physiotherapist, Chris' learning curve was immense.  He had completed a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and Nutrition in 2012, before completing his Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University in 2014, and the realisation quickly hits him, that there was a wide gap between the knowledge gained at university, and the knowledge and skills you required to be a great physiotherapist in private practice.

Driven by this realisation, Chris strives to create the very best learning environment he can, to shape the therapists that he hires into Australia's leading private practice practitioners. This includes helping them to develop the technical skills and knowledge that is required, as well as teaching them to be the best educators and teachers they can be, to their own patients.

Sport, health and fitness have always been, and continue to be, a passion of Chris'. Most people who know him are aware that he is an absolute golf tragic.  His other passion is people and hearing their stories!   Chris has pulled these two passions together and developed relationships with the best gyms in the Penrith area. 

Coming from a family of business owners, the progression from employee and mentee to employer and mentor felt a natural progression for Chris.  After working at Physio Inq Glenmore Park for 3 years, Chris made the bold move of purchasing both Physio Inq Penrith and South Penrith in 2018 and hasn't looked back.

Chris continues to learn as a business owner, a therapist, a mentor, and an educator, and can honestly say that he has the greatest amount of support, from the best team in the healthcare industry.

Physio Inq Penrith

105/64-68 Derby St, Kingswood

Physio Inq South Penrith

T11/2 Birmingham Rd, South Penrith

Clare Singleton

Clare Singleton

Aspendale, Cranbourne, Physio Inq Business Partner

Clare is a sports physiotherapist and mother of two, with a passion for knowledge and a desire to help people, help themselves.  Clare has been with Physio Inq since 2019, when she converted her physiotherapy business, Clear Physiotherapy, into Physio Inq Cranbourne.   In 2021, Clare opened her second clinic, Physio Inq Aspendale, and in mid-2023, to expand, she moved the Cranbourne clinic to bigger and better premises.

Clare is a well-educated woman.  In 1999, she graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy.  In 2005, she completed her Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, and in 2012, Clare added Sports Physiotherapy Masters, also from Latrobe, to her impressive resume.

Clare enjoys treating all people, but in particular, sports people.  She enjoys the challenges of Crossfit, cycling, swimming and golf, both as a participant and as a physiotherapist.   Like many physiotherapists, Clare comes from a strong sporting background, impressively representing Australia in the 2010 Triathlon World Championships.

After several childhood injuries requiring physiotherapy treatment, Clare developed a long-standing desire to be a physiotherapist.  The worst of her injuries was to her lower back, which has left her with two degenerative discs.  Clare, however, does not let this stop her, and it is this drive and determination, that she brings to all her patients and employees.

Physio Inq Aspendale

17 Laura St, Aspendale

Physio Inq Cranbourne

301 South Gippsland Hwy, Cranbourne

Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker

Blaxland, Glenmore Park, Physio Inq Business Partner

In 2016, after graduating from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Jordan joined the Physio Inq Glenmore Park team as a new graduate. Under the guidance of his senior colleagues, over several years, Jordan built up his manual therapy, clinical reasoning, and patient management skills.

After 3 years as a treating physiotherapist, Jordan was promoted to the role of clinic manager at Glenmore Park.  It was during this time that Jordan became more interested in considering clinic ownership as the next step in his career. Being Glenmore Park, born and bred, it was a natural progression for him to purchase the clinic in 2019 and give back to the community in which he had grown up. In late 2019, a commercial opportunity came up in Blaxland. Jordan took the chance to create a clinic, from scratch, and now works between both the Glenmore Park and Blaxland sites.

Jordan maintains an active interest in all things related to sport and is most passionate about football (soccer) and running.  Jordan has recently purchased a property in Blaxland, literally living and breathing the areas in which he works.  He loves being a physio and continues to enjoy getting his clients back to doing what they love the most, as soon as possible.

Physio Inq Blaxland

134 Great Western Hwy, Blaxland

Physio Inq Glenmore Park

114 The Lakes Drive, Glenmore Park

Matt Tindall

Matt Tindall

Panania, Menai, Physio Inq Business Partner

In 2001, Matt completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at the University of Sydney.  He started out his career at Bankstown Hospital, where he loved the patients and staff so much, he stayed for over 20 years!

While working at Bankstown, in 2011, Matt completed a Diploma of Management.  For 9 years he managed a team of over 50 physiotherapists, then joined the hospital executive as Director of Allied Health and was responsible for managing over 150 allied health staff. 

For several years, Matt considered how he could better help the community, and his staff, as well as achieve the work-life balance he desired, for his wife and young daughter. When he finally came across Physio Inq, he saw that the values of Pinq perfectly aligned with his values; going above and beyond for every patient, ensuring the needs of the community are met at the highest level, and valuing staff and ensuring they achieve their personal and professional goals.

Matt became a franchisee in 2022 and will be opening his first clinic in Panania in 2023.  He hopes to open a second clinic shortly after, in a nearby location.   Matt’s business mantra is ‘change lives.”   Employees have the power to change the lives of each person they treat, and at the same time, he aims to change the lives of his staff, ensuring they achieve a work-life balance and get what they want out of work.

In his younger days, Matt represented Sydney in cricket and taught kids karate while making his way through university. He currently enjoys bushwalking with his wife, and daughter, and road cycling.

Physio Inq Panania

Ground Floor, 70 Anderson Ave, Panania

Physio Inq Menai

HomeCo Menai Marketplace Level 1, 152-194 Allison Cres, Menai

Nathan Freemantle

Nathan Freemantle

Baldivis, Physio Inq Business Partner

Nathan is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked in private practice since graduating in 2009. He completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree here, in Perth, at The University of Notre Dame.

Over the past few years Nathan has been working in multi-disciplinary clinics alongside GPs, nurses, and other allied health professionals. He has also provided sports physiotherapy for several community-based sports teams including soccer, rugby, AFL, touch rugby, and basketball.

In 2022, Nathan reached out to Physio Inq because he was interested in working for himself and owning his own, stand-alone, physiotherapy clinic.   He wanted to be an employer and pass on his wealth of experience to the next generation of therapists.  In late 2022 (3 days before Christmas) he opened Physio Inq Baldivis and hasn't looked back.

Nathan's therapeutic experience spans across the areas of chronic neck and lower back pain, pre and post-operative conditions, sports injuries, respiratory conditions, dizziness, jaw pain and falls prevention.

Outside of work, Nathan’s main role in life is that of a husband and father to five children. Nathan is actively involved in the basketball community, as a coach of junior basketball, and an enthusiastic supporter of his kids from the sideline.   He also enjoys watching basketball, Aussie Rules Football and rugby union.

Physio Inq Baldivis

6/10 Atwick Terrace, Baldivis

Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Frankston, Physio Inq Business Partner

Raised on the North Island of New Zealand, Neil graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biomedicine, from the University of Auckland.  He worked in NZ before he moved to Australia to further his studies, graduating with a Doctor of Physiotherapy from University of Melbourne.

Neil's first roles as a physiotherapist were in the private sector, at clinics in Inner Melbourne, before moving to the outer eastern suburbs, to continue his career in private practice. Neil has treated and observed a variety of conditions, and worked with orthopaedic surgeons, and general practitioners, to rehabilitate and restore function.

Prior to opening his clinic in Frankston in late 2021, Neil worked at Physio Inq Cranbourne, learning the Physio Inq systems and procedures, before embarking on his business ownership journey.

Neil applies a client-focused holistic approach, aiming to educate and empower his clients to live, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle.  He has a strong background in clinical Pilates and exercise rehabilitation and uses a variety of manual techniques in his treatments. Neil has a strong interest in treating shoulders, lower back pain and neck injuries. 

Outside of physiotherapy, Neil enjoys, equally, going outdoor for hikes, or staying indoors with a nice book. You can always find Neil at the local gym, the Boxing Day Test, and any All-Blacks game.

Physio Inq Frankston

34B Wells Street, Frankston

Phoebe Prott

Phoebe Prott

Marrickville, Physio Inq Business Partner

Growing up at the back of her dad’s medical practice, Phoebe's innate desire to pursue a career in healthcare was ignited. However, her genuine passion for physiotherapy stems from a personal history deeply intertwined with high-level ballet and the subsequent challenges she faced due to multiple knee injuries.

Phoebe's journey started in her home state of WA, where she earned her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2012. Phoebe's path led her to Sydney in 2015, where she continued to flourish within the private practice landscape. Seeking new adventures, she relocated to the United Kingdom in 2018. During her time there, she predominantly focused on Musculoskeletal outpatient departments within the NHS, further honing her expertise.

Phoebe's primary area of work has been in private practice musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. Following her return to Sydney, she worked at Physio Inq Alexandria before taking the leap into business ownership, opening her own clinic, Physio Inq Marrickville, in 2021.  Since then, Phoebe has grown an administrative and therapy team, that works hard to service the clients in the local area.  

Over the years, Phoebe has consistently contributed to the field by actively engaging in clinical tutoring and supervising physiotherapy students in Perth and Sydney. This involvement continues as she collaborates with Macquarie and Bond Universities, providing valuable clinical supervision to aspiring physiotherapists who gain hands-on experience within her clinic.

With a commitment to individualised care, Phoebe strives to help each person achieve their goals through a holistic approach encompassing hands-on therapies and exercise-based treatments. Her profound affinity for Pilates shines through as she integrates mat and equipment-based techniques into her clients' personalised rehabilitation programs.

Physio Inq Marrickville

Shop 3/359 Illawarra Road, Marrickville

Tom Hol

Tom Hol

Engadine, Sutherland, Physio Inq Business Partner

Tom brings a fresh approach to business ownership, focusing on keeping his staff happy.  He does this partly because he knows it keeps his clients happy, and partly because he gets real pleasure out of making sure his team are stimulated and progressing in whatever area of the business interests them.

Tom has always put his whole self into what he is passionate about, and is one of those fortunate people whose passion, and work, are one and the same. An almost 10-year career as a chef saw him running a well-known hatted restaurant in Potts Point, appearing on the TV show, Iron Chef, and working with some of Sydney’s most respected and innovative Executive Chefs.  However, when his passion for human movement and mobility took over, Tom orchestrated a career change and retrained as a physiotherapist.

Graduating from Australian Catholic University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Tom sought out the game-changers in the physiotherapy field and found an instant fit with Physio Inq.  Tom started work at the Engadine clinic in January 2017 and within a short period of time, was managing the clinic, and enjoying his new profession.

Tom, with his wife and business partner, Laura, purchased the Physio Inq Engadine clinic in 2018.  Under their guidance, the clinic grew, and in 2022 it was relocated across Station Street, to a commercial property three times the original clinic's size.   In 2019 Tom and Laura opened their second clinic, Physio Inq Sutherland: a huge undertaking, but nothing too daunting for the Hols.

Tom leads by example and encourages people to maximise their achievements.  He is always thinking about getting the best results out of the efforts that are put in.

Physio Inq Engadine

36 Station St, Engadine

Physio Inq Sutherland

39 E Parade, Sutherland